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Waiting until after the July 4th madness to go on vacation? Me too!

Vacations can be stressful...exactly the opposite of what they're supposed to be. Here are some tips that I've found to reduce the stress of vacationing.



1) Clean Up!

This means the house and even your desk at work. Knowing that you won't be coming back to a mess should help you relax!


2) Double-Check Your Reservations!

Confirm flights, hotels, etc. before you leave. Make a document of all the times/gates/etc and keep a paper copy (or two) on yourself, while also keeping a digital copy on your smartphone. Speaking of documents...


3) Gather All Necessary Documents!

Tickets, license/I.D., passports...keep them together!


4) Charge Your Electronics!

Smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera...if it needs charging, charge it! If it needs batteries, put fresh batteries in it! Then don't forget to pack the chargers.


5) Make a To-Do List For When You Get Back!

Make a chore list for when you get back and leave it on the table. Now you don't have to try to remember what you need to do when you get back! You can focus on RELAXING...

And dressing like a wacko on vacation! (Getty Images)


H/T Business Insider