St. Cloud State University President Dr. Robbyn Wacker says the University is always looking at ways to adjust what they do to get students excited and engaged in what they are doing.  Wacker and SCSU's Dr. Jennifer Cavalli joined me on WJON.  Cavalli is leading the Honors College program at SCSU.  She explains that those involved in Honors College at St. Cloud State are bold thinkers and those willing to take risks.  The program helps students learn more about the world, the community and themselves.  Cavalli says based on how they define Honors at St. Cloud State allows it to be for everyone.

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St. Cloud State wants to make sure they reach all students with Honors College including transfer students.  Cavalli and Wacker say they have approximately 600 students who are transfer students this year.  Wacker says their traditional structures were geared to service first year students but she wants to make sure these options are available to all students.

Cavalli says SCSU takes a wholistic approach to applicants looking at academic motivation which can look different for each student.  She says if they only use academics as the lone criteria to join the Honors College program they wouldn't be reaching all the students where this program could apply.   The criteria they look at goes beyond academics and includes leadership potential, and engaging with the community.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Dr. Robbyn Wacker and Dr. Jennifer Cavalli it is available below.



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