I spent the last week on a vacation in Arizona, and every time I leave the state I'm reminded of how we sound to the rest of the country and world. Minnesotans are notoriously fast talkers and we do tend to toss in a few unnecessary words here and there. (Example: "yeah no" means no and "no yeah" is yes.)

I was scrolling through TikTok and came across a video done by user @louise_vuitton detailing what Minnesotans sound like to the rest of the world, and it pretty much sums our dialect up perfectly.

My favorite part of the video was the hot dish conversation:

How Minnesotans Actually Talk:

"Hey girl, no just brought some hot dish"

How the Other States Think We Talk:

"Oh hey der Lena. Holy cats it's been a long time. How are ya? Yeah, no I just brought some uh tater tot hotdish."

Of course the stereotypical Norwegian/Minnesotan accent is used for dramatic effect. I'm not convinced we have an accent, but I once was hanging out with a band from Boston called X's and O's and when I did the intro for them they all laughed at the way I used a long "o" sound. So I guess we maybe do to outside ears.

I do think this TikTok is a good example of what other people hear when they listen to us talk. We tend to be speedy wordsmiths, and we do have some goofy sayings that sneak their way into the conversation. But dang it, we are sure adorable, and listening to a Minnesotan talk is a real treat.

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