Japanese Beetles. They are so....colorful. They are so...pretty. They are so...all over the place. People have been trying to figure out a way to get rid of these beetles for awhile. Many people believe in "The Japanese Beetle Trap," but If you don't want more problems, I suggest you stay away from this method of reducing your Japanese Beetle population.

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The University of Minnesota Extension Service says Beetle Traps don't work.


Japanese Beetle traps are containers that are baited with lures to attract the Japanese Beetles. Sometimes the lures have the scent of flowers, and sometimes they have the scent of the Pheromones' of the beetles themselves. The smell travels through the air which the beetles pick up the scent with their Antenna, which sends them a clear message to come on over; party at your place.

You might think that as you see the container start to fill to the rim with these beetles, that you are somehow getting ahead of the game, drawing them all away from your flowers and plants; but it's not the case. Studies have shown that the traps lead to more plant damage in the areas where the traps are located. So whether you were planning on using one trap or 100, places that have traps will have more damage to their plants than those that choose not to use the traps.


Although these pests are truly a pain and can leave your plants looking terrible, apparently they are fairly harmless and aren't necessarily plant killers. For more information to help rid or reduce the population in your yard, click HERE for more information.

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