I'm back on the health and fitness track; Maybe that's not EXACTLY true. I'm trying to figure out what to eat; specifically what to snack on. I have some bad habits. Apparently, I'm not the only one that does. There is a new survey by DELISH that asked people various questions about their snacking habits; including what they eat, where they eat it, and when we eat them.

When you snack, do you reach for sweet or salty?

69% said salty. 31% said sweet.

Do you snack at specific times during the day, or at a specific time each day?

67% said it varies. 33% have a regular snacking schedule.

Are you a late night snacker?

54% said they snack after 9 pm. 46% said they rarely snack that late.

Do you eat in bed?

34% said yes. 66% said no, because they hate those crumbs in their sheets.

Do you store snacks anywhere other than your kitchen?

24% said yes

Are you more likely to snack if you're having a bad day?

66% said YES!

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