Over the weekend my fiance and I were driving to St. Joseph from Sartell to go out for dinner. On our way, we passed the new development being built on 6th Street. That wasn't anything new, as we had driven past it when dirt work was going on. But something new caught our eye on this trip, as it was gigantic and shaped like a vampire coffin.

As we drove past we both said "what is that thing?" because we legitimately have no clue. The picture angle makes it look small, but this thing is giant.

My most educated guess as to what it is is a shade structure. Like at a resort when you go on vacation to tropical places. There is sometimes a security gate at bigger resorts you have to go through and a nice person swipes your room card and lets you through, then goes back into their office under a giant shade structure.

That is my only real guess as to what this is, and I don't think a fancy resort is going in on this road in Sartell.

My other guess, that I think is even less likely, is that this development is actually just going to be a cemetery and they put up the coffin statue before anything else. It's all about advertising.

If you actually know what this thing is, please reach out to me because I am totally clueless. Send me an email: abbey@minnesotasnewcountry.com.

Abbey Minke
Abbey Minke
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