This is one I grew up watching ALL THE TIME. I also think this show/book series is where I got my love of reading. Arthur came in at #1 in Minnesota when American's were surveyed by state on their favorite 90's cartoons. I don't know if I could even begin to count the hours I spent watching PBS Kids just waiting for Arthur to come on after school, then reading every Arthur book in my school's library multiple times. Here is what the rest of the Midwest picked for their favorites:


Iowa Batman: The Animated Series
Minnesota: Arthur
North Dakota: Dexter’s Laboratory
South Dakota: The Magic School Bus
Wisconsin: Recess
Michigan: Recess

Overall our neighbors have good taste in 90's cartoons. Recess will always have a special Saturday Morning Cartoons place in my heart, and The Magic School Bus was always the best day of class. What was your favorite? Leave it in the comments below! And check out what each and every state picked, here! 

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