So here's what happened. I was at home all weekend in Long Prairie and didn't bring most of the makeup I needed. Included was the small single razor I use to tame my eyebrows.

My mom had the solution! She had the same blade I use, but in electric form. As she was telling me to "be careful", I cut off a third of my left eyebrow. Instead of leaving it at that, I decided I needed to "even them out" and do the same to the other.


I REALLY misjudged where I as aiming and hacked off over half of my right eyebrow. I thought my mom and I were going to pee ourselves laughing.

I drew on my eyebrows and left to emcee a charity event for the evening with a smile on my face.

If this would have happened when I was a teenager, it would have been the end of the world. But as a grown adult, it is just another laughable moment. Accidents happen, and if you're not laughing through life, you're doing it wrong. Eyebrows grow back, and a good laugh with your mom lasts forever.

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