While Rutt the Moose, the moose that took not only Minnesotan's attention and imagination but seemingly the entire country's, has made his way far enough North, another moose popped up during Rutt's Minnesota travels. That moose was spotted down in the Spirit Lake Iowa area. So what has become of that moose?

Sadly that moose down in Iowa recently was spotted out on East Lake Okoboji, and apparently, it has passed away. According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the moose broke through the ice and drowned.

Iowa TV station KTIV reported that "The moose had been seen earlier in the day Wednesday near the library in Spirit Lake and later in the Francis Sites area. It was then seen a short time later standing on thin ice on East Lake Okoboji, just off of Francis Sites. That’s where it was last reported late Wednesday afternoon."

The moose had allegedly been in the Spirit Lake area since November, having been spotted roaming around fields and wading into area lakes feeding.

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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources believes the moose made its way into the area from Northern Minnesota.

The moose was going to be taken from the lake and then brought to Iowa State University to be studied.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources states that while Moose aren't common they do appear in Iowa from time to time.

"From time to time, a moose will wander into Iowa from northern Minnesota. These are usually young bulls and they rarely stay long. Unlike mountain lions, wolves, and bears, moose are not very secretive and stand out in Iowa, especially in harvested crop fields."

A sad ending to what could have been another traveling moose story.

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