I was hangry...very very hangry this morning! I wandered into our quiet work kitchen to the vending machine...and there...on the bottom shelf, Selection153, were beautiful strawberry frosted Pop-tarts.

Who will know? Just one little package of Pop-tarts this morning, before everyone else arrives.

Wait...what's happening...Toaster! Toaster!  Give them back! Stop smoking!  What the...why did you eat my pop-tart?! Why did you leave me with a mangled mess of jelly flavored bits?!  Wait!! Give it back...I have to be on the air in 30 seconds....Oh no! The Pop-tart is stuck to the side off the toaster! It's's falling down between the cracks...I don't have time for this! The kitchen now smells of burnt Pop-tarts and I'm sticking plastic utensils in it trying to get the rest of it out...oh well...that's not going to work....just push it to the bottom, so the next person can use the Toaster. I'll have to clean up my mess later...when I have to explain what happened, to EVERYONE at lunch time.

Back to the studio..wait...I can't leave the coffee pot empty....Sorry Ned..You're on your own....I have to make coffee...


Pop-tarts are ALWAYS a delicious..but bad idea.

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