For fans of the Minnesota State Fair, this is the best time of the year, the fair is happening the Midway is full, and there are a TON of deals to be had. One of the top State Fair attractions, the SkyGlide, is running and if you ever look down you might see remnants from riders past laying on the rooftops below. So what happens, to all the items people drop on accident or on purpose? I asked the Minnesota State Fair that same question and got some answers!

I emailed the state fair after seeing photos online of the items that had been dropped or fallen onto the rooftops below.

The media department at the Minnesota State Fair let me know that any items left behind, whether on a ride, in a barn, or in some cases on a rooftop are divided up into different categories.

They are brought to lost & found, donated or thrown away depending on the item. From coins, paper fans, sunglasses, stuffed animals to a plunger! Even one year there was a prosthetic leg. - Minnesota State Fair Media Department


So for those that may have dropped something important, that would have survived the fall, you might want to check the Minnesota State Fair lost and found for your items. For those that dropped some more personal items, well, you could retrieve them there as well or...well that's a story for another day.

What I want to know is why did someone riding have a plunger with them?

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