I have been hearing so much about how valuable Bitcoin is.  I'll be honest, I'm really kind of confused by the entire concept.  Everyone has been talking about how much Bitcoin is worth, buying, trading, selling, you name it, some people are REALLY into it.

But the question I have is this... what can you actually buy with Bitcoin?  Can you use it like normal currency?  Do you get a debit-type card in order to access it? Is there an app? How does this work?:  I'm assuming if you have BItcoin, you probably know how to spend it, right? Is there a class?  Kidding about that, well, sort of.

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I found out that there is a coin map that will show you where you can use it... wherever you are.  This is pretty handy.  Here in St. Cloud, the map shows that there are a few areas around that will accept bitcoin.  Coinmap.org is the site, and you can enlarge it to see if the business that you are interested in will accept cryptocurrency.  With a quick look, I found that Coborn's will accept bitcoin, along with 9th Avenue Xpress, Cloud Tobacco and Vape, Shell station, and Crossroads Mall.  This was just with a quick search.  I'm sure that there are more businesses, which honestly, is surprising.  Maybe only surprising to me, but surprising, nonetheless.  Maybe only surprising because I don't have Bitcoin.

The site will also allow you to narrow down your search.  Whether it's looking for transportation, ATMs, merchants, or entertainment that accepts Bitcoin, it has it all.  This is a handy tool.  So if you are sitting on a bunch of bitcoin, you can spend it, but from the looks of it, it might be a good idea just to keep it as a savings account.  And savings account that seem to grow by leaps and bounds.

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