I watch a lot of Million Dollar Listing on the Bravo network.  It's mostly because it's sometimes fun to live through someone else's money.  Just to fantasize about living in, or being able to afford something like they do on those shows.  It amazes me that people are able to pay "all cash" for multi million dollar houses.  Then they complain if a buyer wants to pay a hundred thousand less for something- in the big picture does that really matter when you are talking millions of dollars?  Apparently it does to some people.  When they squabble over those figures, I feel like.. yeah, that's how much my entire house was!  But I live in Minnesota.  Those kinds of prices don't happen in Minnesota very often... or do they?

According to Zillow, through Bring Me the News, there are 4 cities where the median price for a home is over a million dollars.  Of course, most of them are located on Lake Minnetonka.  That's not surprising.  But... of all the lakes we have in Minnesota, why is that one so expensive?  Is it because of the location?  I can't imagine that it's that much nicer than many of the other lakes we have here in this state.  It has to be location.  It's not out in the boonies.

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The four cities:

See?  Not surprising as to where these are located.  And as far as the rest of the country, the most expensive homes are all coastal.  Mostly on the West coast, of course you can't beat the weather there. And then New York City.  Those "apartments" are crazy expensive.  And SOME include parking for an extra fee.  Can you imagine?  But then again, a lot of people of that caliber in NYC have drivers that they pay.

Again, we can dream... or hope that we know people who can afford those places so that we can visit.  Or maybe that's just me.







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