As you’re preparing for your backyard or lakeside cookouts for over Memorial weekend it might be a good idea to read this list before you go shopping for your condiments. I’m trying to be more health conscious and pay more attention to what I’m eating. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I realized that there are a ton of extra calories in the condiments I regularly enjoy.

Here are a few of our everyday condiments and the calories in just one tablespoon:

1. Salsa is probably the healthiest condiment for you. It tastes good and only has five calories for every tablespoon. I’d load up!

2. Mustard is a great condiment if you’re looking for some flavor without all of the calories that come with it. But, be careful, it’s loaded with salt. One tablespoon has about 15 calories, but on the plus side, it has antioxidants, vitamin B, and niacin.

3. Sriracha sauce only has about 15 calories per tablespoon, but it’s filled with salt and sugar.


4. Relish has 20 calories per tablespoon but it is also full of salt and sugar.

5. Soy Sauce is a low calorie condiment. There’s just 10 calories per tablespoon. The downside is that one serving is a full gram of salt. That’s probably why it tastes so good.

6. Ketchup is fairly low in calories. There’s about 20 calories per tablespoon. If you’re the type of person who needs to put ketchup on everything, watch out. It’s full of salt and sugar. If you’re eating it with french fries, your salt intake is even worse.

7. Avoid mayonnais at all costs if you can. One tablespoon of mayonnais has ONE HUNDRED calories.

I think I’m just going to start bringing salsa with me everywhere I go for now on. How is that New Year's Resolution to lose weight coming? You still have 6 months to get on track!

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