It's that time of year again in Minnesota, where we all have to relearn how to drive in slippery and sometimes extremely icy conditions.

It's funny how so many of us forget how to drive in this stuff. I have to remind my kids every winter that 4 wheel drive doesn't help you stop any faster.

I commute 320 miles every weekend and this time of year can be a little stressful for me. It seems all the crappy weather and slippery road conditions seem to happen around the weekend. I've had more than my share "white knuckle" trips the last several winters.

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Well, icy roads are exactly what led to this 11 vehicle pileup in Eagan Saturday morning about 7:30 in the morning.  According to the accident happened on Cedar Ave at I-35 in Eagan.

There were already emergency crews working an accident in the southbound lanes when across the way in the northbound lanes a 3 vehicle crash occurred. Because of the slippery conditions, more vehicles slammed into the original three cars.

A fireman on the scene was struck on the road as well as another bystander, perhaps one of the drivers involved in the pileup. Both people hit suffered non-life-threatening injuries.


According to the MnDOT camera, a total of 11 cars were involved in the pileup. Cedar Ave was shut down so crews could clear the scene of the crashed cars and resulting debris on the road.

A couple of things to remember, overpasses and bridges are the first to freeze. It's a good idea when involved in a crash to stay off the roadway  and behind the guard rail if possible.

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