When you help yourself to someone else's baked goods, you may want to check with them to see if the treats contain any "special" ingredients. You know like marijuana.

Evidently, this lady from Australia took the liberty of helping herself to some cookies her daughter left on the table. She even admitted later that the cookies in question did kind of taste a little strange but that didn't stop her from scarfing down a few.

The thing about ingesting weed by eating it is it takes a bit longer to feel the effects since it metabolizes through your liver. This can cause problems if you ingest too much and then a little later you are stoned out of your mind.

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According to Mandatory.com, that's what happened to this mother. Her daughter walks in the kitchen, sees her mother holding a half-eaten pot-infused cookie, and asks “How many of those have you had?”

“A couple,” the mom answers as she returns to work on some paperwork “With my tea.”

Soon, the mother starts to feel the effects of the "magic" cookies and isn't liking it.

“How many exactly have you had?” asks the daughter.

“Three,” answers the mom. “It tasted a bit weird, though.”

The daughter then fesses up “There’s bud in them,” and the mother immediately tries to spit as much of the cookie out as possible and is visibly not happy with the situation.

She demands to know “Why’s there drugs in your cookies?”

Toward the end of the video the mother's mood takes a turn for the better, depending how you look at it. She is outside with a feather duster and laughing hysterically.

Next time the daughter should be more careful when baking. Just bake the cookies and not your mom.

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