Now if that's not really Hank Williams Jr., I'm gonna be really ticked off. Just look at those pictures. It sure looks like the real Hank Jr.  Just look at those fish?!

It appears that Hank Jr. enjoys our Minnesota fishing as much as we do. The question is, where were these pictures taken, and how often do you think Hank Jr. comes to Minnesota to catch a good fish?

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Hank Jr. sure has a lot of fans, because his fishing adventure, with just these two photos posted on his Facebook account on Tuesday, August 30th, 2022, garnered him probably as many comments as spins his songs have received from us since he introduced his rowdy self to the country music scene so many years ago. Everyone all across the country is inviting him to go fishing with them all over the United States, and there are some pretty tempting photos. If I was Hank Jr., I just might take a few of those fans on!   This would be a great promotion for him!   Take Hank Jr. Fishin!

He looks amazing, and if that's really him, I'm wondering how he has stayed looking so young. Perhaps it's fishing in Minnesota?


My question to you is; what lake do you think he was fishing on? Does anyone recognize that itty bitty piece of shoreline? I was just at The Northland Lodge in Deer River Minnesota last week and was talking to Pat, the owner of the lodge. It just so happens that he told me there are a lot of stars that come up north to Minnesota to get away from it all. Now does that mean Hank Jr. was fishing on Lake Winnie? Or was it just a coincidence that we were talking about it?

Someone out there knows where Hank Jr. was fishing, but I'm sure for Hank Jr.'s sanity, that person isn't going to disclose Hank Jr.'s location anytime soon. Hank Jr. is just like the rest of us. We all need a break from our jobs; a break to just let your mind go and be free to just go fishing.'

Here's to Hank Jr. for joining us in our great state of Minnesota. We hope you catch your limit, and enjoy a great fish fry while you're with us. Go Hank Jr!

The next time you are here, let's write a song together! I'm up for it!  :-)

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