Did you unlock the Life Achievement, "Watched Everything There is on Netflix and Now Need Something Else to Binge-Watch?"

Watch yourself!

Someday, you can watch your own dreams!

A thinguhmahbobber called an eletromyogram (EMG) could make that happen.

The following is science/geek terms. Keep up if you can.

The EMG measures impulses in participants while they sleep. Researchers compare the "sleeping" data to "awake" date, and then create movements using a avatar.

Translation: they could someday make a movie of your dreams that you (and probably others) can watch. How fun would that be? Perhaps terrifying.

Just imagine: recording your dreams and nightmares and being able to watch them. Yes! George A. Romero will have nothing on the sleep-deprived brain of a morning radio jock!

Look up the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at the University of Texas at Austin and prepare to be amazed.

And possibly terrified.

H/T: Elite Daily

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