BACON? Somebody said BACON... where's the bacon? On your smart phone... huh?

Nobody is teasing you.

Oscar Mayer is giving bacon lovers the chance to wake up to the sound of sizzling bacon AND the SMELL of bacon! That will throw off any workout routine you may have in the morning. Oscar Mayer's "Wake up and Smell The Bacon" will be for the iPhone, but how will be able to smell bacon? The company is creating a dongle. The dongle will plug right into the headphone jack on the iPhone and then when paired with the app, it releases the scent of bacon. GENIUS!

This glorious creation is only for the iPhone, but not everybody will be able to have it. Oscar Mayer is making a limited number of dongles to go with the app. You have to win your sizzling sound and bacon scented alarm by taking a quiz on their website. Take the quiz here!


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