Principal Al Johnson from McKinley Area Learning Center knows how to start the day on the right foot. He recently shared a YouTube video of his morning routine when he arrives at the school, and it is pure joy.

Principal Johnson starts his day by walking into the school, saying good morning to a smiling office support staff, says hello to his live fish that live in his office, and then it is time to get to work. And by that, he means switching from his work shoes to a bright blue fun pair of roller skates.

He then goes for a skate down all the school hallways saying hello to everyone he meets, offering waves and elbow bumps along the way.

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Principal Johnson's got moves too! Tossing in some dancing and backward skating, he is a principal with style.

I think this is so fun. Who hasn't wanted to skate down a perfectly smooth school hallway before? I know if I was a kid in school and my principal went gliding past my classroom on skates I would think that was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

Thanks for spreading so much joy to the students and staff at McKinley Area Learning Center Principal Johnson. You're creating experiences that they will never forget and you're making learning fun!

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