Vikings fans are a passionate group but that doesn't always lead to rowdiness. ranked the NFL fanbases and determined who is the most and least rowdy.  Vikings fans were determined to be the 4th least rowdy based on their survey.

  • The top 5 rowdiest fan bases: 1. Philadelphia Eagles 2. Buffalo Bills 3. Dallas Cowboys 4. Las Vegas Raiders 5. Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • The top 5 rowdiest quarterbacks: 1. Baker Mayfield 2. Ben Roethlisberger 3. Cam Newton 4. Aaron Rodgers 5. Tom Brady (Kirk Cousins ranks #21).
  • The top 5 rowdiest coaches: 1. Bill Belichick 2. Jon Gruden 3. Dan Campbell 4. Andy Reid 5. John Harbaugh (Mike ZImmer ranks #27).
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