If you grew up in a small town in Central Minnesota, you will feel this video on a spiritual level.

Comedian Trey Kennedy recently put out a video depicting what is is like to be from a small town, and even though he has a southern style accent in the video, most of it applies to small towns around Central Minnesota.

The first thing that is discussed in the video is the town population being that of a high school student list in a big town. Everyone who has moved to a larger city has had that conversation numerous times.

The next topic is giving directions based on landmarks, having one of each essential business but multiple churches, storm watching with buddies, being proud of high school state titles, and only having one stoplight.

One of my favorite bits was the one about driving an hour to go shopping at a mall. I grew up in Long Prairie, so that part really hit close to home. Either driving 45 minutes to Alexandria or an hour to St. Cloud to go shopping at a mall was an absolute privilege.

Trey Kennedy did a great job poking some fun at what it is like growing up in a small town. I know for me it was one of those things where I hated it growing up, but as an adult, I look back fondly on my upbringing in that one-stoplight town. Check it out, and laugh along in the video below.

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