We are on our way! We've had a few listeners call in and ask a few questions about how they can help.



Question: Can you take credit card payments?

Answer: Sorry. We don't have that capability. However, if you really can't come up with the cash, feel free to pick up a gift certificate from a grocery store. We definitely want to make sure our families can get food during these cold winter months.

Question: Can I mail you a check?

Answer: Absolutely. We appreciate it. Send it to the address below to the attention of Pete & Kelly.

Question: What happens to the money if you have more than enough?

Answer: Whatever we get will ALL be spent on helping a family for Share The Spirit. If we have WAYmore than enough, we may adopt another family...Let's help as many as we can this holiday season.


The 'Share The Spirit' program from Catholic Charities is a great way for us all to pull together and help families in need this holiday season. You can adopt a family, any size, and make someone's otherwise gift-less Christmas, a very special one.


Usually these kids don't ask for fancy toys; they ask for basic needs.  A blanket; a pair of shoes; mittens. Our goal is to meet those basic needs, and go above and beyond if we can. We would love for this gift to be from the 98.1 Minnesota's New Country family; that includes you. Pete & I thank you for your generosity in advance.

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to you and yours. ~Pete & Kelly

We are adopting a family of 3. It's recommended that you plan on spending at least $70 per family member; $60 on gift cards, and $10 on a grocery card per family member.

If you'd like to join us, please contact us today at kelly@minnesotasnewcountry.com, or bring your checks or cash to:

Townsquare Media
640 Lincoln Ave SE
St Cloud MN 56304

If you'd like to learn more, or adopt a family on your own, or through your business, you can click HERE now to learn more. Help us put some smiles on the faces of families in need all across central Minnesota.

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