For full disclosure, I'm a HUGE Garth Brooks fan. Like, it's insane. And, I know this post will probably be the most unpopular thing on the internet today. Many of you might think this is the most trash opinion ever, and maybe it is. I've got a lot of bad ideas.

But, I have to say something here. Yesterday, on Good Morning America, Garth Brooks announced he'll be bringing a special concert experience to 300 drive-ins across North America this month for a one night only experience. Initially, it sounded super exciting. I mean, we're all missing live music, right?! And, who doesn't love hitting up a drive-in theater? Monday will be the highly anticipated day Garth Brooks will announce which locations will be holding the special event.

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But, then, I looked at the ticket prices. Have you seen how much he's charging per car to view what's basically a 'movie'?! It's GROSS. For a car of 6 people, it will cost $100. Which doesn't sound SO bad when you divide it down per person. It ends up being almost $17 (only 6 people are allowed in per vehicle no matter how big your vehicle is).  But, what if it's just a couple that's going for the night? That's $50 per person just to get into the no, he's not even at the drive-in live. That's the part that's mind blowing to me...he's not even there live.

I'd rather sit in my backyard and pull up a random YouTube concert of his from years ago and watch that for free.

I understand people can make the choice to not go...I also acknowledge that the music and entertainment industry is struggling. Those are fair counter arguments.

But, for a guy who is always one of country music's highest paid artists year after year, charging the public $100 per car to view a concert he's not even physically at seems outrageous. Especially considering many people around the country have lost their jobs and businesses recently due to COVID-19 . Asking them to fork over $100 for a few hours of musical escape, to me, seems in poor taste.

The only way I'd consider paying these prices would be if the proceeds went to a good cause or directly supported the local drive-ins (another business who has had their already short season cut even shorter). And, maybe he plans to do that...but, I can't find any information about it.

So, Garth, I love you but I'll be sitting this one out unless there's something I'm really missing here.

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