My mom drilled into our heads at a very young age, over and over again, that

Swearing is a weak mind expressing itself. ~Mama Zee

To this day I think I heard my mom say MAYBE one swear word and that was probably "shut up". Yes, that as well as suck, dummy, idiot (a couple others I can't remember off hand) and the actual bad swear words, my dad had a tendency of saying more often, were all no-no's.

Maybe it's many mom's like mine or just people in general in Minnesota having that mentality is why Minnesota lands as the state that cusses the LEAST on a new list put together by Wordtips. "The United States of Cussing: Every U.S. State's Favorite Swear Word" is technically what they put together by pouring over THOUSANDS of tweets to get their findings. First we will give you states that swear the most, here are the top 5 based off swear words per 1,000 tweets:

  1. Georgia - 48

  2. Maryland - 46

  3. New Mexico - 45

  4. Hawaii - 42 (seriously what do they have to swear about?)

  5. Louisiana - 39

Next the states that swear the least and my mom would have let me hang out with their children back in the day, you know because they won't "corrupt" me with their language.

  1. Minnesota - 15

  2. West Virginia - 16

  3. Alaska - 21

  4. Utah & Iowa - 23 (tie)

Also appreciate that they put together the list of "sweariest" and "least sweariest" names. I don't even think 'sweariest' is a word, but it's funny so I'll take it.

Sweariest Name: Kai

Least Sweariest Name: Kimberly (your mom would be proud)

Don't want to forget that Minnesota's favorite "swear" word to use is HELL...yep H-E-double hockey sticks is the "cuss" word we use the most in our state. Mama Zee I am sure would be very proud that our cuss really isn't as bad as so many other states.

Lastly, there was cities that swear the least and most. Be proud again Minnesota as two cities make the list. Minneapolis was least of all with 17 swears per 1,000 tweets and St. Paul had a three-way tie with Jacksonville and Anchorage to come in 4th place. Atlanta however, swears the most...had my mom known that back then, maybe we wouldn't have visited that city when I was 12.

Swear or no swear, if you want to read all about it and see how all the data was figured out...go HERE.


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