There has been a LOT said on social media and in the press after Minnesota chose it's new state flag.  Yes, there are still tweaks that could be made and so this isn't the final product.  But basically, this is our new state flag.

You can easily see how divided folks are when you look at the comments.

Photo by Facebook
Photo by Facebook

Mike Murray: Respectfully, I hate this. Removal of history is just not correct. Teaching history and showing what is right or wrong should be done and accepted. I'm not looking for arguments or comments.... I just don't agree with this change. The flag matches another country which shows nothing for being it's own and showing what MN really is and means. Leave it to a select few to force others to have to agree... Welcome to the new world.  We are losing America values and respect for American people, especially those who died to give us our lives today.

Ronnie Kaufman: That looks very inclusive, great job!

On a much lighter note, this is going around as an "alternate choice".  I mean, the Hamm's bear is pretty iconic!

But if you want one that screams Minnesota and includes those lasers that so many couldn't get over, than how about this one?

Motion to make this Minnesota's new state flag.

Now we just have to wait and see to find out what the final flag will look like.  They seem to be playing a lot with the star, adding points to it, making it different colors etc.  They have also done a lot of changing what order the colors of the stripes appear in.

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