My husband and I swear we saw a real life UFO earlier this year from our home in Sartell. It was a fast moving glowing ball of light that was pretty far away from us, so it was hard to judge how big it was. It moved fast and then hovered in the same spot for quite a long time. It happened sometime in March. We both brushed it off, but after looking at the recent UFO sightings in our area, we're thinking maybe we saw a real UFO.

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According to the National UFO Reporting Center, there's been three UFO sightings between St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids reported in 2020. In fact, all three sightings happened on the same night miles apart with strikingly similar details. It makes you wonder if people weren't seeing the same UFO.

The first UFO sighting was reported in St. Cloud on March 7 around 6:20 p.m. The witness says the sighting lasted for about three minutes and consisted of appeared to be ten evenly spaced aircraft, "A flight of ten craft were flying in linear formation. They were evenly spaced, heading from the southwest to the northeast."

That same night, a UFO sighting also happened in Sauk Rapids. This could be the same exact UFO that was seen in St. Cloud because the stories are eerily similar. "I saw 30 satellites moving in single file, straight line trajectory, constant speed, spaced evenly apart." The report when on to say, "I was offloading or delivering gasoline to a station in sauk rapids, mn. I was actually daydreaming about seeing a UFO, when I looked up into the night sky I say a small white light moving at constant speed, and in linear trajectory, in a northernly direction (approximately). It was at very high altitude. As I watched it I noticed it had a second one about 4 seconds behind it. As I continued to watch this, I noticed that there was a continuous stream of these objects (satellites). Over the course of several minutes, I counted about 30 of these objects. I've never seen this many satellites moving together in a straight line, and I considered this to be noteworthy (hence this report) ."

Another St. Cloud UFO sighting happened that night and lasted for a whopping two hours. According to the report, "Moving lights in Minnesota sky disappearing into what appeared to be a trail of smoke.The first thing we noticed was a weird trail of smoke almost appearing as though a rocket had been shot off or crashed. We went to follow the smoke first, but then saw these weird lights that almost looked like moving stars. They were very synced in their movements... We watched this happen for 2 hours consecutively."

Now, that's freaky. I'm not sure if I believe in aliens or not, but it's hard to not be totally creeped out by these stories...especially since they're so similar. It definitely makes you wonder if we're not alone.

Have you ever seen a UFO? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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