This has apparently been a thing for a minute.

Instead of going through a boring old cremation, you can turn your corpse's torched remains into all kinds of different things...including a diamond!

Something something "diamonds are forever" something complete.

One thing that I've seriously considered doing to my lifeless shell when I die is become a "Living Urn." That entails mixing your toasted entrails in with a seedling (baby tree). Your surviving family/total rando then plants you (hopefully somewhere meaningful and not prone to fires).

But how about something shinier?!

That's right: turn your powdered bones into bling!


'Memorial Diamonds" are a way for your loved ones/that rando to take you with them...and this time, you finally look good. And all you had to do was die!

You can learn more about how someone takes your carcass and shines it up all purdy-like. It's absolutely fascinating.

If given the choice, what would YOU have your cadaver turned into?

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