Well, this has been a long time coming.

Recently, the CDC and the Biden Administration extended the travel mask mandate.  Meaning that if you were to be traveling on any sort of public transportation, you would need to wear a mask.  The airlines pushed back on this saying that since masks are no longer required in restaurants or at sporting events and other events where people are very close to each other, like in an arena setting, why are they required while on a plane or in an airport?

KARE 11 carried the story stating that since the TSA has rescinded it's own enforcement directives, that the airport at MSP will change their mandate.

The announcement followed news that broke early Monday that a federal judge in Florida struck down the existing mandate that had previously been extended from April 18 to May 3 by the Biden administration.

Delta, along with other airlines issued statements that they would no longer enforce mask mandates aboard their flights.  This includes domestic and MOST international flights.  They do encourage travelers to continue to wear a mask in the airports, but this is not required.  If you do choose to continue to wear a mask in the airport, or aboard a flight, that is up to the individual.  Flight attendants also are making statements to be respectful of people who choose to wear a mask.  It doesn't affect anyone else, so don't make a big deal out of someone who does choose to continue to wear a mask.  No one knows what's going on in their personal lives, so basically, mind your own business.

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One airline went down the aisles with a trash bag for people to throw their masks away if they would like to.  But keep in mind, that some places may still require you to wear a mask, so just keep one handy in case.

So, at least for now, you don't need to wear a mask while traveling by air.  Keep in mind, that could change.

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