Still have a Ziplock bag of turkey in the fridge? What about those last three scoops of leftover stuffing? That last slice of pie everyone is too "Minnesota Nice" to finish off? After tonight (Monday, November 29th) those should be tossed out to avoid food poisoning, that is if you made those foods on Thanksgiving day. Here is how long your leftovers can safely exist in the fridge. 

Turkey -- Can be safely consumed if kept in a fridge for three or four days. Cooked chicken, pork, and beef all have the same shelf life.

Stuffing -- Leftovers should be consumed or frozen within three or four days. If frozen stuffing can last between two and three months.

Potatoes, Yams, and Green Beans -- These should be consumed within three or four days when stored in a fridge.

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Cranberry Sauce -- Homemade cranberry sauce can be refrigerated seven to 10 days, and the canned stuff can last one to two weeks in the fridge.

Gravy -- This can be stored in a fridge for three to four days, or in a freezer for four to six months.

Pie -- Pie's shelf life is determined by the filling. Pies that contain egg, cream or chiffon can be stored in a fridge for three to four days, and fruit pies like apple or cherry can be stored at room temperature for one to two days, or in a fridge for up to a week.

Use caution when digging into leftovers. My fiance had a minor case of food poisoning over the long holiday weekend after eating some meat sticks found in the back of the freezer. It's not fun and can wreck a weekend. Be leftover smart this holiday season!

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