It's that time of year for all Minnesotans to take a deep breath and face those cleaning projects we've been putting off for months. Oh the joys of spring.

A new survey looked at what items people are most likely to overlook when cleaning their home. Some of these things are understandable, but others are just gross. I'm a clean freak, and even I have managed to overlook some of these things every once-in-awhile.

1. Food spilled on the stove. It's my pet peeve. I don't like dirty counter tops, stove tops, you name it.

2. Dirty marks on the bathroom mirror. I've let this one go more than a few times. I usually clean my bathroom mirror once a week. If it gets dirty before my Sunday clean day, I usually let it go.

3. Dust bunnies in the corner of rooms.

4. Toothpaste stains in the bathroom sink. This one grosses me out. I need to make sure the bathroom sink is always clean.

5. Leftovers in the fridge. I make sure to clean out my fridge every week. There are times where I've gone on vacation and forgot to clean out the fridge beforehand--only to come home and find rotten food. Gross.

6. Dust on shelves and on top of the TV. I usually avoid those hard to reach places. They are things I've thought about and have made plans to clean but never get around to.

7. Dirty dishes in the sink. I can't go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink, but I know many people who do.

8. Water rings from glasses. I usually let these go, but it's my boyfriend's pet peeve.

9. Hair in the shower drain.

10. Food residue in the microwave. I'm guilty of doing this.

What things have you been neglecting to clean all winter?