There is NO shame in admitting that you watch TV with your pets. You're comfy on the couch, so OF COURSE your fur baby/babies will snuggle up with you. Maybe they'll even watch the show!

How crazy do you get, thought? Do you make a separate Netflix profile for your pet? Do you give up your seat so Fido is more comfortable? Do you bribe him with treats so he'll stay?

Still: NO SHAME!

Pets are the best Netflix binge-watching buddies. Binge-friendly shows will obviously be the most popular to watch, and are as follows (according to A New Survey):

1) Stranger Things
2) Fuller House
3) 13 Reasons Why (really?!)
4) Orange is the New Black
5) House of Cards
6) Black Mirror
7) Marvel's Daredevil
8) A Series of Unfortunate Events
9) The Ranch
10) Better Call Saul

H/T: Netflix (shocker!)

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