Here's your official reminder--tomorrow is 'Brown Bag Day' in Minnesota! What does that mean exactly? Well, you're encouraged to bring your lunch from home. The day is meant to bring awareness to how much money you could save by making your own lunch.

On average, if you spend about $6.50 on lunch everyday of the week (roughly the price of a Chipotle burrito) you'll end up spending about $1,700 a year (based on a 5 day work week).


I decided to bring a brown bag lunch with me today and calculate how much money I'd save not going out to lunch at a restaurant. Here's my lunch today; a peanut butter sandwich, chips, fruit cup and a water bottle. So, let's calculate the cost.

  • Loaf of bread ($3.99 with about 22 slices per loaf...roughly 11 sandwiches) $0.36 per day
  • Jiff chunky peanut butter ($1.99 for a 16 oz jar aka 16 servings) $0.12 per day
  • Food Club kettle chips ($2 a bag or 9 servings per bag) $0.22 per day
  • Fruit cup ($2 for 4 cups) $0.50 per day
  • Water bottle ($3.49 for a 24 pack) $0.15 per day

Total cost: $1.35 per day

So, if I decided to brown bag my lunch everyday based on this model, I'd end up spending about $351 a year as opposed to $1,700. I'll do the math for you--that's a total savings of $1,349 a year. CRAZY!

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