Mourning the loss of's difficult. Pictured above is my family when we lived in Kentucky, with 3 of our dogs at the time. Lucky, the black dog in the center, died a few years ago. I'll always feel terrible for leaving him behind in Kentucky as my ex wouldn't allow me to take him to Minnesota.


I hated leaving that dog. I still get a sick feeling in my stomach. He was a wonderful pet. He followed my son Drew all the way to town when he made the choice to walk to the movie theatre without Mom knowing. When I went to the theatre to pick him up, I saw this black dog around the corner looking at me...It was Lucky! He waited for Drew to come out of the theatre. I let him ride in the van home, and from that point, he was royalty. Our outside dog became the dog that got to sleep in the house. I loved that dog. If I had the confidence then that I have today, I would have taken Lucky with me. He should have been with us. I was torn...I never got to see him again.


Rocky and Leia, the white dogs, I gave away to a farming family as a pair. I wanted them to have a good home...Unfortunately, the dogs ran away from the property. I'm not sure what happened to Rocky. I was told that he was found wandering around and a Vet took him in and he is living the high life. Princess Leia I found wandering at McDonalds. I brought her back home, and came back for her in Kentucky a year later. One of my very good friends took her in and she also is living the high life.


Saying goodbye to pets is the hardest thing to do.  I've vowed to never leave an animal of mine matter how hard things get. Mr. Bean and Sampson are going to be a part of our family until they leave this world. My heart still is breaking. I miss Rocky and Princess Leia, but I'm okay as long as they are in a great home.

Pets change your life. You change theirs. be responsible and don't take a pet in unless you are prepared to take care of them....just like a marriage...for better or worse. They completely rely  on you..and we so often let them down.

There are so many pets in my past, I still remember most of them. They bring so much joy that the pain of them leaving this world is hard to take. Remember them today...say a prayer...send a loving thought to them; wherever they are now in this universe.

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