As you can imagine, It's hard to think about anything else when you lose a soul that you have bonded with. My son Tanner, was very close to our Sampson and reminded me that today we should be celebrating. Today is Sam's birthday. He is 4.


Two weeks ago, I would not have been able to celebrate and remember all the wonderful times we have spent together. It was too new. Watching him suffer and then finding out I had to put him down was too much to bear. Unexpected. The guilt. Wondering what I could have done to prevent it from happening.


Today...It still hurts. Sometimes I can hardly take it.  But I'm able to focus on the wonderful memories that we have. He is still with me. I feel like he still jumps in the car when I go to the store, to the farm, to the park.


Sampson loved toys. He looked forward to his Barkbox every month. He just KNEW there were new toys waiting for him inside that the snacks were a fun treat as well.

Sam was brave. He protected his Mom from everything. He even chased a black bear out of my parents yard and into a cornfield. He had NO fear when it came to protecting me.

Sam looked forward to playing catch in the backyard. He loved chasing squirrels. He loved to play with Mr. Bean. He loved getting his tummy scratched. He hated it when you put your hands on his face.

He loved talking, and running, and playing and goofing around. I'm quite sure that he's still doing all that same stuff, except there is no fence holding him back.

Happy Birthday Sampson! We love you!

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