Tik Tok user @VoicesOfJake (NotJakeFischer) created a video that is 100% relatable. Especially when the weather is in the single digits.

He starts off with a friendly Minnesotan greeting of "Ope, hey!" and then goes on to document what happens to his long hair and beard while standing outside in the Minnesota cold. He checks in at the 5 minute mark, as well as the 15, 30, hour, and two hour marks. At which he finally caves and says "I'm going in".

What really got me was how crazy the ice got on his hair. It looked like a coral reef made of frozen water.

The video has 7.1 million views, over 1.7 million likes, and generated over 12,000 comments.

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Jake also recently did what he calls a "Minnesota Check" where he tosses boiling water into the air outside to see if it will freeze.

He's a pretty funny guy, and even funnier if you are into Minnesota based humor. Definitely worth checking out.

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