Living in Minnesota most of my life I always think that I have visited most everywhere in the state."  At least the "tourist" places, and I haven't always appreciated what we have in Minnesota, necessarily.

Recently, there was a study done talking about the best places to live in the United States.  It wasn't done from state to state, like every state having a great town or city to live in.

It was just in general, the best places to live in the United States as a whole.  Minnesota came in with three of the best.  Which towns they are might not be that big of a surprise because they were only taking into account cities that are above 100,000 in population, but where they fall into the ranking might be.

This is according to a study done by a survey company called and CBS News carried the information that was discovered by the survey.

For the creation of this ranking, Niche researchers factored in good public schools, affordable costs of living, low crime rates and the overall satisfaction of their residents, culling data from the U.S. Department of Education, the Census Bureau, the FBI and public-sentiment polling.

St. Paul came in at number 45.  This is what they said about our capital city:

The city's rent prices and high employment rate attract many young professionals to the area.

St. Paul's diverse population has created a burgeoning arts and culture scene. The city also boasts some stunning architecture.

Some of the architecture they mention is actually the capital building itself.

Rochester came in at number 33.  This is what they said about the home of the Mayo Clinic:

The family-friendly city has highly rated public schools and parks, as well as a high employment rate. The local Mayo Clinic provides many job opportunities for people in the area.

Also noting that it's a great place to buy a home, apparently.

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Coming in at number 20, and the third city in Minnesota to make the list is... you guessed it... Minneapolis.

Minneapolis is a top spot for young professionals and families, thanks to its cost of living, high employment rate, good public schools and plentiful outdoor activities.

The city is home to many lakes, parks and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, which features eye-catching art pieces including the Spoonbridge and Cherry

Yes, most of us really do love the Walker Art Center's sculpture garden.  If you would like to see what city in the U.S. that came in at number one, check out the whole list here.  

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