When it comes to unique mini golf courses in Minnesota, the obvious one is Can Can Wonderland in St. Paul.

Designed entirely by local artists and featuring arcade games, food, drinks and more it's no wonder Can Can Wonderland was recently named the "craziest" mini golf course in the world! But Can Can Wonderland isn't the only fun and unique mini golf course in Minnesota, and it's not the only one designed by local artists, either!

Big Stone Mini Golf in Minnetrista is an absolute hidden gem and must for mini golf amateurs and enthusiasts alike!

Big Stone's 56-par, 14-hole course was designed entirely by local artists for a unique mini golf experience like none other. For instance, Hole #8 -- titled "Holey Ship" -- is literally played inside the hull of a giant ship frame!

Hole #11, meanwhile, is titled "The Spiral" and shaped to match.

When you're done golfing, explore the sculpture garden featuring unique and even bizarre creations like this bigfoot...

...or this wooly mammoth...

...or this weird creature...

...or this giant snapping turtle made of recycled tires.

There are also farm animals to see and pet at the pasture, wild flowers and goat mountain.

Big Stone Mini Golf is open seven days a week from 10:00am to sunset. Cost to play is $12 for adults and $10 for kids 8 and under.

They also host weddings, company parties, birthdays and other special events. Visit Big Stone Mini Golf at 7110 County Rd 110 Ext W Minnetrista, MN 55364.

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