When I was six years old my grandma took me to see one of my first movies in the theater. I was a few weeks away from starting kindergarten, but I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a 1996 movie called "Matilda."

My grandma thought "Matilda" would be a great movie for me to see since it was about a young girl, about my age, who was also starting school. My grandma was right, but also very wrong!

I was so excited to see the movie--I was enjoying my little popcorn, pop and candy that was sitting comfortably on my lap! When the movie started, we quickly realized that the main character, Matilda, had horrible parents, a nasty principal and magical powers. That was all fine and all, until the nasty principal decided to punish a boy in Matilda's class by making him eat an entire chocolate cake in front of the entire school.


If you know me at all, you know that I have an unreal fear of throwing up and seeing barf! It was even worse when I was a kid.

It seemed like the boy in the movie was going to throw up on the big screen from eating too much chocolate cake. At this point, I couldn't just close my eyes. I freaked out and RAN out of the theater. I panicked so bad that I wouldn't even go back inside to watch the rest of the movie. I grew up hating "Matilda," it totally terrified me!

One day, it was on regular TV. So, as an adult I decided to face my fears and watch the movie that has haunted me since I was six years old. It turns out that it was actually a really cute movie and the boy never actually threw up. He finished the cake like a champion and showed that principal who was boss.

It's so weird, what we grow up being afraid of, only to face it years later in life and realize it is actually not that big of a deal! What movie totally terrorized you when you were a kid? Hopefully it's something that's not as lame as "Matilda!" ;)

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