Yesterday, out shopping with Brittany, we stopped at a store... who I'm not going to name, cause the very bizarre behavior of one customer doesn't reflect the employees or the brand. Instead, one woman who should feel completely embarrassed for her behavior, but I don't think she did.

Last night while shopping, the store we were in was flooded with people and payroll must be down still for the time of year, cause the store had only two people working. Still with smiling faces they were helping and checking everyone out as fast and as well as they possibly could with the crowd of people in the small store.

One of the employees was helping a family and another lady came over and interrupted her, while she talking with the mom of the family, and the employee kindly said, "I'll be with you as soon as I help these guys out"... the lady walked away. This happened two or three more times within a few minutes.

The lady who had been interrupting the employee trying to help out a family was headed toward the employee, again, but this time walked right out the door. That's a good sign, right? A rude customer has left, I'd be ok with that. As the rude customer walked out, a different customer came over to the employee to let her know that the lady didn't just leave... before she left, she PEED on the floor!!!

This is an adult woman, the store is located in a STRIP MALL, other stores surround you. If you need to use the bathroom, be an adult and go find a restroom.

I don't think she was in the least embarrassed. She walked out of the store like a boss, dripping everywhere and leaving one wet shoe print all the out the door.

Stay classy, mystery lady.

What's the strangest shopping experience you've had? Comment below.