We all love Carrie Underwoods song "Jesus Take The Wheel." Don't we? A song that is meant to to help us navigate our lives and ask for help from above when we need it most.

Well..I caution you to be careful on taking things too literally.

The Bristol  Herald Courier says that a 33 year old man named Chad England was speeding in Tennessee last Saturday; when he said that Jesus literally asked to TAKE THE WHEEL.

So he let him. He let go of the wheel and closed his eyes.  Apparently Jesus wasn't too happy with Chad because it ended badly. His vehicle left the road and flipped five times before crashing into a rock wall.

There is sort of a miracle to the story...no one else was hurt, and Chad walked away from the crash.

He was sited for driving without a license and registration. Apparently Jesus takes the wheel a lot in Chad's life. This isnt' the first time he's let the powers that be take over. Well....he's still here. YOU be the judge. Oh...by the way...He was 'under the influence.'

I wonder if he's ever heard Jesus tell him to let go of the wheel when he's not been under the influence? Doesnt Jesus talk to sober people?

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