If you're a Minnesota Vikings fan even a little, you know what I mean when I say "Minneapolis Miracle". It was, for this fan anyway, the one moment of belief that maybe our team isn't completely jinxed. A play that gave hope and what made many of us, more than ever, believe this could be our year.

Yes, I'm talking about the last second touchdown, that then Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver #14 Stefon Diggs made to beat the New Orleans Saints in the NFC divisional play off game January 14, 2018. The following week, the NFC Championship game can just be forgotten however.

As a true Minnesota Vikings fan it also stung when Diggs decided to make his exit out of Minnesota to become a Buffalo Bill in 2020. Maybe you'll be able to forgive him a little as he shows our state some love in his latest tweet.

First tweeting about wanting a funnel cake he then had this to say:

With many Minnesotans chiming in saying "facts" in agreeance. You had others questioning Digg's statement and others wanting to know why he says that and what makes it special.

But here in Minnesota we know the many reasons it's called The Great Minnesota-Get Together and why we will be hitting it up in droves next week when it kicks off Thursday, August 25 and runs through Labor Day. Because if you know, you know and it's good to see that Stefon Diggs indeed knows!

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