If you are going on vacation anytime soon, and you have a certain endorsement on your Minnesota license you could skip the security screening lines. That's what I learned yesterday when I saw a post about HAZMAT endorsements. Quite a few drivers with this endorsement have TSA PreCheck, which entitles them to skip to the front of the line, avoiding the long waits we face just to get to our departure terminal.

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A page I follow shared the news yesterday, and I looked it up and it's true.

Q: Does my HME enrollment include access to TSA PreCheckTM?

A: If you have an active HME security threat assessment, and meet the eligibility requirements for the TSA PreCheck Application Program, you are eligible for expedited security screening using the two-letter state abbreviation for the state that issued your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) followed by your CDL identification number (e.g., NY123456 for a State of New York CDL) in the appropriate Known Traveler Number (KTN) field of your airline reservations and airline profiles.

So how can you find out if you have TSA PreCheck? Well, all you have to do is enter your license number with a two-letter state abbreviation at the beginning when you make your reservation. If you have PreCheck you'll be notified, if not nothing will happen.

You can get all the details on how it works, or if you qualify by heading here.

For those hauling hazardous materials each and every day, being cautious on our area roads, it makes sense that you don't have to wait, as you are keeping us safe, and we might not even know it.

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