Bally Sports North sideline reporter/host Audra Martin, who works both Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Wild games either in the studio or at the park/rink talking to athletes or coaches before or after the game. On Sunday, a fan took the time to send a nasty message to Martin, to which she later 'owned' the comment in a video she posted before last night's home Twins game.

Martin, who screenshotted the message from someone who either was an Arizona Diamondbacks fan or an angry Twins fan, shared it on Twitter on Monday night.

Martin then later 'owned' the comment, which called her amongst other things 'super trashy', last night before the Twins game in a video she posted to her Twitter account.  

What maybe is the saddest thing about this, is that someone felt that this was A. appropriate to send, B. take the time to look up Audra Martin AND then find her Twitter or Instagram, and C. THEN send the message? I get people can and will be petty, they might make a comment to a friend sitting by them or send a text, but to take that amount of time, where you have to actively work to find out who she is, and then find her socials just to insult her, it's pretty sad.

Props to Audra for owning it though.

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