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In case you hadn't heard, a lil' ol' classic rock band stopped by that little club called U.S. Bank Stadium Sunday night.

The concert was awesome (even though the acoustics in that place suh-UCK), but the trip down to the cities from Brainerd was far too eventful.

We were almost to Maple Grove when my car suddenly shifted into 3rd gear, the ABS and traction control lights popped on, and.the radio turned off. Fun at 70 mph!

We pulled over, and fortunately our insurance policy covers a tow. But we still had to GET to the show. Long story short: my in-laws saved the day for my wife & me.

So what does a person do while waiting for the tow truck?

  1. Establish dominance over your car's tires by kicking them
  2. Complain about the ordeal on Facebook so that everybody farther than 50 miles away will talk about how they would help, but...
  3. Hit on the wife
  4. Run through the ditch grass to see how many bugs you can pick up
  5. Show a little (of my) leg to traffic
  6. Open the hood and shake your fist at the engine
  7. See if you can fit into the trunk
  8. Try to get out of the trunk
  9. Beg your wife to let you out of the trunk
  10. Hit on the wife again
  11. Get caught up on removing the peeling skin from last week's vacation
  12. Flick said skin at traffic
  13. Play Frogger on your phone to negate your urge to just run into traffic instead of waiting for the tow truck
  14. Consider investing in horses for travelling
  15. See how many pushups you can do 10 feet away from interstate traffic
  16. Give up after failing to complete one pushup
  17. Remember that you have an e-book on your phone that you could read!
  18. Realize that you killed the phone battery playing Frogger
  19. Challenge the wife to a game of tick-tack-toe on the ground
  20. Take the ensuing dirty look seriously and move on
  21. Hit on the wife again

We eventually got to the concert and took our seats halfway through the first song. Could've been worse! I'm pretty sure it was my alternator that zonked out. Oddly enough, this is the fourth time that I've been en route to a concert and got stalled by a dead alternator.

It's the first time that I actually made it to the concert. WOOT WOOOT!!

He said that they've got fun and games! (Townsquare Media via Ned)
He said that they've got fun and games! (Townsquare Media via Ned)

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