With the calendar set to turn the page over to February, there is something really SWEET to look forward to! Cold Spring Bakery announced this morning on social media that a popular 'delicacy' would be available for just a limited time, but if you wait too long you are going to miss out. So what is this delicacy they are referring to? A Paczki.

How do you say Paczki? While it looks tough to say it's actually quite easy, Paczki is pronounced punch-key.

What is a Paczki? Well, according to this Michigan State website, they are "very rich donuts, deep fried and then filled with fruit or cream filling and covered with powdered sugar or icing."

The story behind the 'filled pastry' is that on "the Tuesday before lent, people of Poland used up food so that it would not be spoiled or wasted. Families would use up their eggs, butter and sugar, and fruit by treating themselves one last time before Lent began with these rich donuts. This tradition was started in the medieval age during the reign of August III."

These pastries can be hard to find for some people, which is why it's great to see places like the Cold Spring Bakery still making these treats for people to enjoy, and for others to practice their heritage before going into one of the holiest seasons in the Catholic Church.

I'm not sure if these are just going to be at the main Cold Spring Bakery location or if there will be an assortment at the satellite location in Waite Park, you might want to reach out to the fine folks at the Cold Spring Bakery and ask about the availability.

So what do you say we celebrate the creation of this tasty Paczki by enjoying one before it's too late?

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