Everyone lately seems to be on the craft beer train.  It's not like craft beer is new, exactly, but it has really gained a lot of popularity over the last few years.

Almost everywhere you turn there is a new brewery opening. Or, you can get your favorites at some of the local bars and restaurants.  Each one of them has their own spin on IPA, sours, pale ales, ambers, etc.  There is usually something for everyone.  Some of the breweries even produce their version of a seltzer.  That way if you aren't a beer fan, you can usually find something to enjoy while visiting a brewery with people who do love craft beer.

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Minneapolis has a 3 hour craft beer tour that is all inclusive for one price. They are charging $85 per person. They keep the groups small.  This one limits the attendees to 14 people.  You get the bus tour, unlimited sampling at several breweries as well as snacks and a chance to learn more about the beer making process while visiting the breweries.

Could we do this type of thing in the St. Cloud area?  It seems like there are enough breweries around the area where this could be a great thing to do on a Saturday.  Get a group of friends together and jump around from brewery to brewery and not have to worry about driving. Until you have to go home, but there just organize someone to pick everyone up.  Easy.

Is this something that people around the area would be interested in?  I personally think it would be a great idea.  Maybe there could be several busses leaving at staggered times from different breweries around the area.

And if there are some that happen, they need to make it more well known.  Just sayin'

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