A tradition that spans decades, the Minnesota State High School League Boys Hockey Tournament All-Hair Team. Boys grow out their hair and shape it into the standard "flow" or pay homage to the greats and craft a beautifully sculpted mullet.

Channel 45 broadcasts the hockey team, and as players are introduced and skate up to the camera, their hair is being judged and ranked by Game On! Minnesota. Every year, a new All-Hair Team video is made and put on YouTube for the world to enjoy. This year, I have no doubts that New Ulm will find their way into the video.


Someone at the tournament caught these "hair goals" on the big screen at the Xcel Energy Center and put the video on Twitter. I saw this and knew that it was going to be a cut-throat year for the All-Hair Team. Mullets, mutton chops, full mustaches, perms, the salons around New Ulm have been busy making sure these guys SHOWED UP to the tournament. See it for yourself here! 

Check out last year's All-Hair team in the video below!


Good luck to all the teams this year! May your hair growing skills match your puck handling!

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