It is late August, and the Midwest has had an uncharacteristically hot summer. I don't remember a single day below 80 in July alone. Yet in Fargo, there is still a legitimate pile of snow.

A couple of radio DJ's (Amy and JJ) from KFGO in Fargo took to Facebook to give a report on "mount Fargo", the area where the city of Fargo dumps its snow from city streets and parking lots.

The pair put on their rubber boots and took to the wide-open area that is for the most part melted this time of year, but a few scoops of a shovel revealed a thick layer of ice and snow still remaining. There is still snow in Fargo in August of 2020.

The adventure was also a good reminder to be mindful of litter. The reason there is still snow is due to the dirt and debris that is trapped within the snow that is brought off roads. There was also a jacket and pieces of cars all over what was left of the snow mountain. Whatever is left on the streets ends up in this dumping ground, and apparently acts as a pretty good insulator if it can keep snow and ice just barely below the surface.

Thanks for the summer snow report Amy and JJ! Stay cool!

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