Welcome back to Minnesota, Wienermobile! The giant rolling hot dog will be making its way to the Baxter area on Friday July 6th. You'll be able to find it outside the Super One Foods, located at 7895 Excelsior Rd. Baxter. They even put together a special Facebook event for the occasion:

Baxter Super One Foods is excited to host The Wienermobile on Friday, July 6th from 3pm - 6pm!
Stop by and check out The Wienermobile, visit the Oscar Mayer Team, and get a sticker and a "Wiener Whistle"!

This is a big deal, usually you don't know where the Wienermobile will be, it just tends to show up places. Like when it showed up in St. Cloud back in 2016! The last time they were in Minnesota they were giving tours of the rig, and handing out fun souvenirs to commemorate the stop. If you go up to Baxter to see it for yourself, be sure to look for the hot dog topping details all throughout the vehicle!

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